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Outline of the Green New Deal - a fishbowl discussion

Workshop supported by the Green Group in the European Parliament


When: Thursday, 12th August 2010, 8pm – 9.30pm
Where: plenary hall of Heinrich-Boell-Foundation, Berlin-City, Schumannstraße 8
Who: Reinhard Bütikofer (MEP), Jonathan Watts (The Guardian)
facilitator: Anna Weber


central questions:

Which challenges of our time can the Green New Deal cope with? How does the implementation look on a european level, how does it look in China? What could a Green New Deal in general look like for developing and emerging nations not having a sufficient amout of capital to invest? What is the role of the Global North then? Where are the constraints of a Green New Deal? What is a Global Green New Deal and what could it look like?


This workshop

Having the crisis in mind that people in the whole world are facing at the moment, we need concepts on how to overcome them: climate, hunger, financial crisis, the questions is how we tackle them.

The Green New Deal promotes the idea of the state investing huge amounts of money. This shall not happen anywhere but in sustainable assets. These can be investions in renewable energy production, in better insulation of houses, in better railways, train connections and public transport aswell as in education.

The idea is that as the states are investing anyway in order to overcome the crisis, this can happen in fruitful things that are having a future and are providing more sustainability. After some years, these investing will repay the efforts as we will have less energy consumption, less cars and pollution as well as better educated people.

So this Green New Deal might be one answer of overcoming at least the climate crisis. But will it work and is it sufficient? What exactly does its implementation mean and what might be social consequences? Is a change in the current system maybe not enough?

These are some of the questions that we would like to focus on. However, as we have European speakers and facilitator, we are dependent on strong inputs from the audience, about their ideas, fears and hopes. Do they think that we can overcome the global problems by the Green New Deal?

Course of action

At the beginning the facilitator will provide the audience with a small overview on where the (European) Greens came from and where they are standing now. Then the speakers will have the possibility of giving input to the topic. After that the audience is asked to participate.

Concept: The Fishbowl discussion

A fishbowl discussion tries to integrate people to join the discussion and give their opinion and input. For this, moderation as well as main speakers (here: Mr Bütikofer and Mr Watts) will be sitting in a circle of chairs with two or three chairs vacant. The rest of the audience will be sitting in bigger circles around the inner circle. After some statements for introduction and some opinions of the speakers, people from the audience can join the inner circle, sit down and give their input. After having done this, the person goes back to their previous chair, the speakers or the moderation can respond to the input and another person can sit down in the inner circle.