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The European Power Grids and Renewable Energy – How to become super/smart: organisiert von Reinhard Bütikofer MdEP


Wann: 24.09.2010 10:00 - 12:00

Wo: Messe Husum WindEnergy, Husum

The conditions for a pan-European electricity grid - a necessity for an EU-wide electricity supply from renewable energy - are better than ever. Efforts towards such a new integrated infrastructure are picking up support. Nevertheless, the EU is facing numerous obstacles such as the national rules of competition, discussions surrounding decentralised energy, as well as the divisions inside the EU concerning the construction of an integrated European Supergrid.

In this context, we want to discuss an EU Smart-Supergrid-Roadmap with parliamentarians from the regional, the federal and the European levels together with a representative of the European Commission. The event hopes to provide concrete recommendations for actors with political, administrative and business backgrounds with particular attention to the situation in Schleswig-Holstein.

Reinhard Bütikofer, MdEP, Bündnis 90/die Grünen
Ingrid Nestle, MdB, Bündnis 90/die Grünen
Robert Habeck, MdL, Bündnis 90/die Grünen
NN, European Commission


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