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What will be the Impacts of Nord Stream 2?: Opportunities, Risks and Side-effects

22 Februar 2016 from 16:00 to 18:30
Berlin, German Bundestag PLH E.800

In 2015, the Russian energy supplier Gazprom, together with E.on, Shell, Engie, BASF/Wintershall and OMV reached an agreement to expand the Nord Stream pipeline, which would supply gas from Russia to Germany. Led by the Economics Minister, the German Federal Government is supporting this expansion, which would see Nord Stream capacities doubled by 2019.

If Nord Stream 2 becomes reality, it will have major impacts on Europe’s energy supply infrastructure. There are fears that the increase in gas transport under the Baltic Sea would contribute to replacing existing transport corridors through Eastern Europe. The energy-policy position of transit countries like Ukraine would be weakened. During the gas dispute with Ukraine, Russia already announced that, from 2019, it will cease supplying gas to Europe via the Ukrainian distribution network and will not renew the existing contracts. Ukraine, for its part, has signalled its intention to significantly raise transit fees for Russian gas.

The possible consequences of such shifts in the energy infrastructure are wide ranging. Together with our guests, we want to discuss the Nord Stream 2 project and raise questions on energy security and the diversification of European sources and imports of resources. The idea is to discuss both the economic impacts on Germany and Europe and efforts to achieve a common solidarity-based energy policy in the framework of a European energy union.

We look forward to an interesting debate with you and our experts from the energy and environmental sectors, the foreign policy field, and our European neighbouring states, and warmly invite you to attend our public discussion with experts on 22 February 2016 at the German Bundestag.

To register, please click HERE. The event will be held in German/English. Please note that you need to provide name, DOB and contact details till 18 Februrary 2016. An ID will be required in order to get access to the premises of the German Bundestag.

Co-organized by the Green parliamentary group in the German Bundestag and the delegation of the German Greens in the European Parliament.

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